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Energetic Medicine...What is it? Flower Essence post.

Energetic medicine covers many different modalities, so of course I will just talk about the ones we offer (otherwise we could be here all day!).

Energetic medicine includes:

Flower Essences

Crystal Essences/Gem Elixirs


Aromatherapy (to a certain extent)

So how does it work? There is very little in the way of scientific evidence for energetic medicines whether this is due to us lacking the technology to truly understand it or it being 100% placebo we will never know. To me, this doesn't really matter. Anecdotal evidence shows that they all work quite effectively when used properly, so even if it is just placebo, it works.

This week I will focus on flower essences, then next week will be crystal essences/gem elixirs.

Flower essences were first created by a homeopathic doctor called Edward Bach, you will almost certainly heard of Bach flower remedies or rescue remedy. Since then the range of available essences has grown exponentially due to crazy folk like me going out, meditating with the flowers and the land, creating essences and testing them out before bringing them to the public. Each essence has its own unique value, each working with the energetics of your body to help bring it back to balance. As these medicines are purely energetic in effect they won't work directly on any physical issue, but they will work with your emotions and spiritual body, and if the physical issue is due to either of these things then it may be helped.

As I said above, creating a flower essence takes time. You must go, be around the plant, sit with it, meditate with it, find peace with the land on which it grows. When you have done this, you must collect water from a local and natural source (no taps allowed) putting it in a clear glass bowl used only for essence making. You then place the flowers on the waters surface. Allow the bowl to sit close to the plant and let the energy of the flowers pass into the water through a process called solarisation. During this process you should sit with the land, meditate, be calm and grateful for the medicine you are creating. This takes at least 2 hours (more if you get cloud cover as you need 2 hours of sunlight to really solidify the process, not great in England!).

Once the solarisation has taken place (not touching the water AT ALL) you transfer the water to another container and mix1:1 with a strong alcohol. This is the mother essence. there are then 2 more steps of dilution to create the essence we would use as medicine.

We have gone through this process with several plants as they come into flower and have these in stock at all times, this list is forever growing but a quick description of a couple of the essences we have now is below. Send us a message if you need more info!

Blackthorn: One of the sacred fairy thorns of the UK. This is the darker of the thorns, being used for the darker emotions we feel. This essence is called for when in true despair and fear. This essence helps bring in some light to that darkness. As it was once one of the first spring flowers, bringing the light and beauty back to the world, so too does this essence help bring a calm stability back to your emotional state.

Barberry: This essence is used to allow us to know our truth, bringing clarity on choices we make, making sure they are for our highest good.

Gorse: Another sacred fairy thorn. A great essence for self acceptance and the feeling of being lost. This essence stimulates the imagination and lights a fire in the mind.

What essences have you tried? Let us know in the comments and as always, any questions, send us a message!

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