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Aromatherapy and kids

Over the last 12 years or so i have tried my hardest to avoid treating young kids. The sfaety issues as well as not having enough life experience to fully be aware of allergies just made me uncomfortable. However hard i tried though i am of the age where many friends have young children and they would prefer using natural first so i still ended up having to deal with them.

When this first happened, i didnt know where to start, so i decided to start with the reason they came: what would i use for anyone else?

Once i had these oils out, which ones are safe for this child's age? (Taking the unsafe away). Usually this left me with a small selection of oils, from here there was the diffficult decision; which oil or oils will best help this tiny person? The best option i found was to get out of thisbprocess completely, get the kid to smell the oils, allow them to be a part of their care. What smells good? Which one stinks? Making the process fun and interesting makes a huge impact on the treatment outcome.

Now the blend is decided, how do they want to use it? Sniffy stick? Get mum or dad to do a little massage or foot rub before bed? Have an awesome bath? This will change what kind of product they take home.

Having made these choices themselves you are more likely to have a positive outcome, but also lets them know their opinion is important to how they are treated.

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