Image by Jason D

Crystal Healing


Crystal Therapy is, quite frankly, amazing. It is a subtle therapy that is highly relaxing to receive and fascinating to give. It works with mainly quartz crystals, which have a measurable vibration of energy, which is why they are used to keep precise time in watches. In a therapy session, they are used to move stagnant energy from the subtle energy systems, which are the chakras, Human Energy Field (HEF) and the Meridian system. These energy systems have been discussed for thousands of years in various cultures across the globe and rather than being something new, are a rediscovery of ancient knowledge.

The course is well grounded in science and aims to give you a true understanding of what crystals are and how they can be used for health and wellbeing without getting too "airy fairy"!

The course follows the nationally agreed standards and is a mixture of two online theory modules and 8 face to face practical sessions.

The theory modules can be started any time before the first practical sessions which are delivered in 2 day blocks. As with all of my diplomas, you pay as you go to make it easier and more affordable. The theory modules are £100 each and it is £250 for each practical session of two days. The full course is £1200. There is an additional fee for the external examiner from Complementary Health Professionals, which is shared by the students on the course.

If you would like to see a break down of the course please see the syllabus here.