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Below you will find a list of our qualifications, the continued practitioner development classes as well as the hours put into each subject area.

Anatomy, Physiology & Pathology-500 hours 

blood borne pathogens

domestic violence




lupus and massage

massage business


prevention of medical errors

Prolonged standing


research and massage therapy


substance abuse

The science of happiness

Level 3 award in training and education

health and safety-50 hours

Reiki 1-40 hours

Reiki 2-137 hours

Reiki 3-40 hours

Reiki 4-16 hours

Level 2 award in Thermal Auricular Therapy-16 hours

Level 3 Certificate in Swedish Massage-177 hours

Level 3 certificate in Indian Head Massage-50 hours

Emotional Freedom Technique and Matrix Re-Imprinting -50 hours

Level 3 certificate in Stone Therapy Massage-130 hours

Level 3 diploma in Aromatherapy-297 hours

Qi drop-20 hours

Certificate in Clinical Aromatherapy-350 hours

The creamy Craft of cosmetics making-50 hours

Aromatherapy CPD-10 hours

Certificate in Aromatic Medicine-123 hours

Hydrosol Exploration-50 hours

Level 3 diploma in Reflexology-300 hours

Holistic Facials-8 hours

Lomi Lomi Massage-32 hours

Freeing the Shoulders CPD-8 hours

Male Waxing-24 hours

Releasing the lower back CPD-8 hours

Foundation in advanced Clinical massage-24 hours

Advanced Rehab in Exercise & Tests-8 hours

Advanced rehab Hip & Lower back-8 hours

Advanced rehab ankle & knee-8 hours

Orthopaedic Assessment-30 hours

Spa Techniques-8 hours

Myofascial Release-72 hours

Spinal Reflexology-10 hours

Reflexology Lymph Drainage-20 hours

First Aid for Mental Health- 32 hours

First Response Emergency Care Level 3- 40 hours

Crystal Healing-200 hours

Level 4 Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment 300 hours

Meditation Teacher 8 class hours, 100+ theory hours

Mindfulness teacher 8 class hours, 100+ theory hours

Neuro-skeletal Re-alignment therapy 100 hours

Herbal Remedies

Upcoming courses to give you more treatment options!

  • Mayan Abdominal Massage-2023

  • Level 5 sports massage-2023

  • Level 5 Reflexology-2023

  • Level 6 Diploma in Herbal Medicine (3 years) completion 2024

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