Image by Matthew Brodeur

CBD for therapists CPD class

CBD is rapidly becoming one of the most used natural remedies in the country, do you know what it is? How it works in the body? The legalities of using it with your clients? This course takes a look at these questions and plenty more.
The cost of this course is £100, it is totally online and so you can take it at your own pace. You have up to 6 months to complete from the day you sign up. As with all our courses, this is accredited through the Complementary Health Professionals. This course will allow you to use CBD oil in your therapy practice and be insured (as long as your association and insurance do not have a blanket ban on CBD use). When signing up please email me your name and email address so we can sign you up in the online learning site.

I use this company for my CBD products: Holistic Hemp Scotland